TechPark 2022

TechPark Conferences 2022

TechPark has carved out a niche as the place for global leaders and technology entrepreneurs to present and learn about the next big trends: the emerging technologies that will change the world over the coming years. These include Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Financial technologies, Internet of Things, and Sustainability, amongst others.


Not only will those events explore these new technologies, but critically, it will seek to understand their relevance and apply them to the challenges that face us – such as the climate emergency and broader concerns of financing, investment and corporate social responsibility that have been catapulted onto leadership agendas the world over.

The fun of a new technological horizon

There will also be time and opportunities for networking, enabling tech leaders from different sectors and walks of life to connect with each other and benefit from new perspectives and experiences. The event will end with an Afterparty, giving delegates the chance to meet and enjoy the company in more relaxed circumstances.